Park Cities, UT Here I Come

My friends and I are fixing to head to Park Cities, UT for a snowboarding trip. This is one reason I have been quiet lately. I didn’t want to start anything new till I was sure I would have enough time to setup everything and also to edit everything. So I’ve just been relaxing since the new year and waiting.

I’ve set aside a couple days on the trip to just head out and take some landscape pictures. I’m hoping to really capture the beauty of the mountains and the area. It’s been snowing a lot up there so hopefully I can get some great winter shots. Unfortunately I don’t have any models lined up to do any shoots out there or that would really make the trip that much better! In any case it should be a fun trip and I hope to come back with a lot of photos for the landscape section of my portfolio. If anyone knows of any good areas to get some shots please feel free to email me and let me know.

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