Foiled Plans

It truly is accurate what they say about Texas weather. If you don’t like the way it is today just wait a day or two and it will change. Last week was beautiful and the Blue Bonnets started to bloom. There is a field full of them close to where I work. So I decided on my day off I would wake up early and do a day of shooting. There is also a pond nearby so I figured I would do some nature shooting.

Unfortunately for me mother nature makes her own plans. Of course once my work week was over a cold front had to move in. That eliminated my plans to go shooting. That is the one problem about wanting to do outdoor shoots. You are at the mercy of the elements. It isn’t bad enough that it was cold and cloudy, but it also started to rain. I’m just hopeful the cold didn’t hurt the Blue Bonnets. I’m hoping that it will warm back up and the fields will be just as beautiful as they were last week.

The forecast shows next weekend should be back to sunny and gorgeous weather. I’m hoping I can get some good photos then. If anyone wants to join just let me know. We can make a whole day of it! 🙂

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