Caitlynn Easter BlueBonnet Session

Caitlynn in BlueBonnetsEaster weekend I had the opportunity to do a photo session with Jami and her daughter Caitlynn. Jami had wanted to take pics of her daughter with the BlueBonnets. It has been storming here for a little bit, but we finally got a break in the weather and went out to a field I knew about. The BlueBonnets weren’t as full as colorful as they were earlier in the season, but it still made a pretty good setting. Caitlynn was great. In the beginning she loved posing, but quickly got tired of that and just wanted to play. This actually worked out to our advantage as it provided a lot of great shots! Kids are so fun to photograph. Their energy and playful spirit really shine through. Hopefully I can get all the photos processed and add some of the pics to a gallery in my portfolio section.

*UPDATE* Added a gallery in the portraits section for the finished photos.

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