Anna’s Sexy Santa Photo Session

Anna in a Sexy Santa outfit

Here is a SOOC image from the photoshoot. Still need to process the image to clean up background and adjust the color slightly.

Unfortunately I have been very inactively for way too long. I really want to get things going so that I can get a lot more comfortable working with models as well as get faster at setting up the lights and really capturing the shot I want. So I’m hoping once the new year begins I can really get on the ball and get some projects off the ground.

With that being said I was fortunate enough to be able to get a photoshoot in with Anna last weekend. She wanted to make a poster and decided on a sexy Santa costume. We experimented with many different poses, but she seemed to like ones like the photo to the left. I think she looks very hot! It took us a little while to get going but once we did it was a blast. We got some very funny shots, but also got some keepers.

We decided to go with a high key setup. For the main light I finally got to use my new Elinchrom D-Lite4 with a 4′ octa softbox. I would love to get a couple more of these lights because I like the controls and the results it produces.

After I get done processing the photos I’ll put up a gallery. There are still a couple ideas I have for some other photos I want to do with Anna. So hopefully you will be seeing a lot more galleries of her coming up.

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